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Medical Intuitive

Combining Science AND Spirit to empower
the wellness of your mind, body and soul.

How I Can Help You

Healing Sessions

Work with me one-on-one, online or in person, to reconnect to your innate self-healing ability through intuitive healing practice. Not be confused by the airy-fairy idea of you tapping into your innate self healing ability/power through intuitive healing practices, but rather directly experience meaningful, life changing support to renew and restore yourself right now.

Coming Back to Life
6 week course

A self paced, 6 week online course, teaching and providing you experience in what the elements of existence are, how they are here to serve your highest health, come back to balance and what to do next for yourself.

Return to Resonance Webinar

A complimentary course introducing you to the true nature of resonance, rather just concepts or fancy words, why you should even care about resonance and where to find it.

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Hi, I’m Dr. Devin DeGreif

I am a medical intuitive and I help burnt out, fatigued and overwhelmed humans take their life and health back into their own hands. Ultimately, bringing you back to hope and belief that you can actually get better, no matter the condition or prognosis.

Take your self-healing power back and no longer allow others to dictate what is possible for your mental, physical or emotional well being.

Dr. Devin, medical intutive

You’re in the right place if...

That’s why I created my Free Return to Resonance Webinar and my 6-week Online Course “Coming Back to Life”. To help more people to get back into the true vibration of living again.

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How I'm Different

I am a Medical Intuitive that uses

Combined Modalities

The uniqueness of me and my offerings is that I combine modalities and use whatever skills are needed specific to you. I do not use protocols or blanket treatments. Every facet of the work that I do is individualized.

I use my clinical skills of Osteopathic manual therapy including visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular mobilization and advanced craniosacral therapy as well as my skills in medical intuition, shamanism, energy and alternative medicine, ancestral or lineage healing to support psychosomatic healing.


I combine science and spirit to tap into the whole being within each individual to elicit the innate self-healing ability within every individual that I work with. I listen with my ears, yes, but with my hands, my soul and my being. I use my inner wisdom to connect into the inner wisdom of you. This facilitates you either connecting directly to your bodies inner wisdom or being able to decipher where the disconnect to inner wisdom is. Then I support and facilitate reconnecting you to that inner wisdom using whatever skills are needed to begin the healing process. 

Gateway to heaven

Inner Wisdom

 There is no innate healing without connection to inner wisdom. It’s simply reactive symptomatic care otherwise.

Most often Western modern medicine simply looks at physical ailments at the surface level presentation of physical pain. Most people working with me have had complex chronic conditions with varying diagnoses that no one can get to the bottom of. More often than not there is a psycho-emotional backdrop or seemingly hidden reason that their physical body is not responding. Often this can be because they are disconnected to their innate self healing ability aka inner wisdom. 

Psychosomatic Healing

I have coined the term “Psychosomatic healing”. I did not learn this from any school or institute. I genuinely learned this through my life experience healing from the trauma of my mother’s murder and my very own journey having chronic physical pain. Not one medical provider could or would help me, no one knew how to help me, no one could see the deeper reasons for my pain and despair. They were all looking at the symptomatic presentation. My inner wisdom knew there was another way and I was bound and determined to find it, then share it with the world.

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You don't have to do it alone.I've got your back!

I was a patient first. No one saw my true hurts, my true needs. I took the anger and despair I felt and channeled all that energy into learning. 



Learning the Science first, I studied in depth about about the human body including biology, physiology, and neurology, down to the most detailed aspects of organs, blood vessels, nerves and the interplay of all.

I acquired my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University, but I didn’t stop there. I then went on to study Osteopathic Medicine and the hands on manual therapy skills of visceral manipulation, neural manipulation, vascular mobilization, advanced craniosacral therapy and somato-emotional release through The Barral Institute and The Upledger Institute.


Amongst my clinical education and in-depth exploration of science, I was still doing my own healing.

I began to learn about and experience Spirit. I explored mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, yoga and more. Developing my skills in medical intuition, shamanism, energy work, ancestral and lineage healing to support psychosomatic healing. 

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It truly is the most profound level of healing anyone I work with has experienced. The most common question I get is “ How do you do it? How do you know so much about the science of it and make me feel like you get me at a soul level?”


It’s because I have been there! I was bound and determined to be the provider I needed and wanted when I was unwell.

Kind words from past clients...

It’s time to stop searching.

You can have your life back.

It all starts with Returning to Resonance.

Imagine if you could…

I can help you get started.

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